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Mon May 16 13:46:36 EAT 2016

Dear all,

On Friday 20th May 2016 a technical session will be held at Esri Arusha Office near the NSSF-Kaloleni building.
This session will begin from 2pm to 4pm.It will cover the use of webGIS through ArcGIS Online. This will cover aspects such as map creation, data sharing, data collection through different applications that are downloadable to our devices and can be used both offline and online.
you are all welcomed to explore more different ways that GIS can be accessed and a better,easy,efficient way of obtaining different types of spatial data

Kind regards

Noris Justine
Technical Support Analyst

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T:      255 (0) 27 254 5059

MeruView Business Park

M:    255 (0) 766616944

Soweto Road,near NSSF building,Kaloleni

E:      njustine at esri.co.tz<mailto:njustine at esri.co.tz>


Customer Care Hotline: 0712 110422

[cid:image007.jpg at 01D19A28.7497CD90]<http://bit.ly/AGOL2016>

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