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The *Humanitarian Data Exchange* <https://data.hdx.rwlabs.org/>, is an open
data portal by UNOCHA that seeks to make humanitarian data easy to find and
use for analysis.

HDX believes that having an open data platform like this for relevant
humanitarian data increases the efficiency of finding data, allowing users
to have more time to do analysis and visualizations and in this way uncover
new insights. We also think that making data accessible with clear sources
and full metadata is very important as it increases re-use of the data by
actors outside of the immediate crisis.

We use HDX to *extend the impact of an organisation's data, increase its
reach to a wider community and where possible, tell a story with the data*
Data on HDX can be shared via simple file upload, use of a URL link or by
API. The site also allows attachment of  related products e.g. maps,
infographics or reports to the data.

Check out:
- Our map explorer feature (multi-dataset mapping
- Our geodata preview
- Past media articles:
*Data exchange helps humanitarians act fast and effectively*
*UN data innovation aims to boost aid response*

Data on HDX is open and free to use based on either creative commons or
open data commons licences. We invite members of the community not only to
share data but to download, explore and use data on HDX to create
insightful derivative products that can increase the speed to insight in
humanitarian decision-making.
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