[TZGISUG] Mapillary - documenting streets (open source google street)

Ragnvald Larsen ragnvald at mindland.com
Mon May 25 15:52:17 EAT 2015

By using a camera (preferably mounted on the roof of a car) repeatedly
taking images and geotagging them with positions from a gps-track one
should be able to build very good road imagery. This has been implemented
in a proeject called mapillary:

·         http://www.mapillary.com

This type of documentation could be relevant in several contexts:

·         You have a need to document road stretches as part of a project
for your own use or for others

·         It can be used to quality-check openstreetmap data

·         It has some recreational value and could be an addictive hobby

I did a couple of stretches in Arusha (the first anyone ever took in
Arusha) this weekend:

·         http://www.mapillary.com/map/im/bCbj6alBv7HxJdzpzEB-sQ

So if you have some extra time and equipment I suggest you strap your
gpe-enabled camera in your front window or on your roof with some duct tape
and get started ;-)



PS If you find some Mapillary stretches in Dar it is a good chance I did
those as well.
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