[TZGISUG] Ethiopia_Oromia Region Shapefiles

Mike Shand Mike.Shand at glasgow.ac.uk
Thu Jul 23 23:46:24 EAT 2015

Hi Moumie,

Sorry I have nothing for Ethiopia, I have a couple of contacts in Addis 
that I will try.

I assume you have tried the usual suspects for East Africa admin boundaries:
Global Administrative Areas http://gadm.org/country
DIVA-GIS http://www.diva-gis.org/gdata
Humanitarian Response (UN OCHA)


On 23/07/2015 21:13, Maoulidi, Moumie wrote:
> Hi Mike and TZGISUG folks
> I know that this is a list for Tanzania GIS folks. However, I have 
> Ethiopia and had Level 1 (Zone), Level 2 (Region) and Level 3 
> (District) shapefiles but need  Level 4 (Kebele) shapefiles for Oromia 
> region and Addis Ababa. Does anyone know how I can access them.  Thanks
> Best regards
> Moumié Maoulidi, PhD
> Stanford Economic Development Research Initiative (SEDRI)
> (650)725-8731

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