[TZGISUG] Soil map of Africa data layers

Steve Ball steve.ball at mpingoconservation.org
Mon May 27 17:07:55 EAT 2013

Hi All,

My eye was caught by this announcement that featured in a recent 
e-newsletter from TNRF:

*_African Soil Diversity Mapped for the First Time_*
By Bernard Appiah
AllAfrica.com 20^th May 2013
"A team of international experts has drawn up the Soil Atlas of Africa - 
the first such book mapping this key natural resource - to help farmers, 
land managers and policymakers understand the diversity and importance 
of soil and the need to manage it through sustainable use. They say that 
despite soil's importance, most people in Africa lack knowledge about 
it, partly because information about it tends to be confined to academic 
publications read only by scientists.
"There was an existing database on soil that had not been updated by 
soil science experts from Africa, so we asked them to provide us with 
new information, which we translated into a form understandable to key 
stakeholders," says Arwyn Jones, a member of the soil team at the Land 
Resource Management Unit of the European Commission's Joint Research 
Centre, which produced the atlas."

Does anyone know anything about the detail on this? The EU hosting page 
features PDF download options but no GIS data sets so far as I could see.

cheers, Steve
Steve Ball
Chief Technical Adviser
Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative
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