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Dear colleagues,

The March 2013 edition of the UN-SPIDER Updates is available!

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UN-SPIDER at a glance

      Vietnam: Technical Advisory Mission concluded
      UNOOSA and UNISDR organize Session on Space and Disaster-Risk
      VALID: User Appraisal of "Top Ten" Geo-Information Products
      UNOOSA/Pakistan Workshop on Space Technologies for Food and Water

News from our Regional Support Offices

      New RSO profiles online: CONAE, ICIMOD and LAPAN
      UN-SPIDER RSO in Ukraine participates in Workshop on Wild Fires
      Ukraine: Satellite data to support ice monitoring and flood
      Pakistan: Building flash flood resilience in mountainous regions
      IGAC: Launch of new website of the National Bank of Images

News from our Community

      Sri Lanka: Making disaster risk information available
      New instrument on ISS to provide imagery to Developing Nations
      UN family agrees on plan for disaster risk reduction
      Vietnam: Launch of first Earth Observation satellite scheduled
      UN kicks off Global Campaign for Drought Mitigation
      UNISDR: Economic losses from disasters keep rising
      OGC: Best Practices Document for Earth Observation Products, Services
      and Sensors
      Landsat: First Images Released From Newest Earth Observation
      International Charter: March 2013 Newsletter published

Upcoming events

      8-19 April 2013: Fifty-second session of the Legal Subcommittee of
      9-13 April 2013: UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference on Desertification
      26-27 June 2013: United Nations/Germany Bonn Expert Meeting on Early
      Warning - Apply now!
      2-4 September 2013: United Nations/Indonesia International Conference
      on Integrated Space Technology Applications to Climate Change – Apply

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